PM Cameron says top UK politicians should publish tax records: Spokeswoman

LONDON - Prime Minister David Cameron believes it is right for British finance ministers, opposition party finance spokespeople and potential future British leaders to publish their tax return information, his spokeswoman said on Monday.

On Sunday, Cameron took the unusual step of publishing his tax records to try to end days of questions about his personal wealth raised by the mention of his late father's offshore fund in the Panama Papers.

"When it comes to publishing tax returns, the prime minister has made clear that he was willing to be transparent, that it's right for potential prime ministers to also do so," she said.

"The prime minister takes the view that chancellors (finance ministers) and shadow chancellors should show transparency too. But he is not recommending that it should be the same thing for everyone else involved in politics," she said, underlining that Cameron felt those who were in control of the nation's finances should be as transparent as possible.