Post-it war takes over offices in New York

This is the year of fun wars, isn't it?

First, we had Batman v Superman (okay, that wasn't fun), then we had Captain America having a civil war with Iron Man. And the jury is still out with the mutant war in the latest X-Men instalment.

However, the normal everyday heroes working in buildings along Canal Street in New York City are getting in on the action with a war that can only be described as genius: a post-it war. 

Yes, a post-it war.

How have we never thought of that before? Not only is it an awesome way to while the hours away, but it is such a cool way to exercise your brain. 

According to Adweek, the post-it war had begun innocently enough last week, with the word "Hi" left by an unidentified office.

Soon, that escalated into more elaborate designs and coded words, with companies such as 3M, the maker of post-its, Getty Images, Havas Worldwide, Horizon Media, and Harrison and Star involved.

Among the designs? Marge and Maggie from The Simpsons, Spider-Man, The Lorax and of course, Batman and Superman. 

Reuters interviewed Molly Reich, a digital strategist for Horizon Media who said that the company's participation was temporarily curtailed by their building supervisors.

However, all seems to be smooth-sailing at the moment, as the supervisors finally relented and gave in to the power of the post-its.

As with pretty much anything these days, social media was also aflutter with netizens sharing photos of the impressive (and hilarious) post-it creations accompanied by the hashtags '#canalnotes' and '#postitwars'. 

There's no winner yet, but we will keep you post-it (get it?).