Post-it war takes over offices in New York

PHOTO: Twitter screengrabs

This is the year of fun wars, isn't it?

First, we had Batman v Superman (okay, that wasn't fun), then we had Captain America having a civil war with Iron Man. And the jury is still out with the mutant war in the latest X-Men instalment.

However, the normal everyday heroes working in buildings along Canal Street in New York City are getting in on the action with a war that can only be described as genius: a post-it war. 

Yes, a post-it war.

How have we never thought of that before? Not only is it an awesome way to while the hours away, but it is such a cool way to exercise your brain. 

According to Adweek, the post-it war had begun innocently enough last week, with the word "Hi" left by an unidentified office.

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Messages from the other side #Hi #postitwars #canalnotes

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Soon, that escalated into more elaborate designs and coded words, with companies such as 3M, the maker of post-its, Getty Images, Havas Worldwide, Horizon Media, and Harrison and Star involved.

Among the designs? Marge and Maggie from The Simpsons, Spider-Man, The Lorax and of course, Batman and Superman. 

Reuters interviewed Molly Reich, a digital strategist for Horizon Media who said that the company's participation was temporarily curtailed by their building supervisors.

However, all seems to be smooth-sailing at the moment, as the supervisors finally relented and gave in to the power of the post-its.

As with pretty much anything these days, social media was also aflutter with netizens sharing photos of the impressive (and hilarious) post-it creations accompanied by the hashtags '#canalnotes' and '#postitwars'. 

There's no winner yet, but we will keep you post-it (get it?).