Professional hookers endorse Hillary Clinton's presidential bid

A group of professional hookers has thrown their weight behind Hillary Clinton's presidential bid in 2016.

The sex workers are employed by Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada's Carson City.

They said they are endorsing the Democrat contender for the White House because of her work in health care and tax reforms, experience in international affairs, and "responsible government oversight on public health issues".

Calling themselves "Hookers For Hillary, the women launched their online campaign to support the former secretary of state on their website, Facebook and Twitter pages recently. They even produced a 'breaking news' video with a voluptuous blond presenter to explain their initiative. 

Their four-point endorsement also included the prevention of a return to supply side economics, which they said had helped their business when Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton was the United States president.

They explained: "Bill Clinton presided over the most prosperous time in Bunny Ranch history, which coincided with a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans such as brothel owner Dennis Hof. The Bunnies recognize that thriving economies are built from the bottom up, where the vast majority of their clients originate.

"A return to relying on the disproven theory of trickle-down economics would only serve to exclude the vast majority of hard-working Bunny Ranch clients from having the discretionary income to enjoy with their favorite Bunny."

Another issue close to the bunnies' heart is the protection of 'public's health"

They cited Nevada's mandatory testing of legal prostitutes for sexually transmitted diseases is a successful example of effective government regulation.

"While Republican candidates have questioned the need for agencies like Health and Human Services (HHS) & the Food And Drug Administration (FDA), the Bunnies applaud Hillary's recognition of the fact that responsible government oversight is a key to protecting the public's health from widespread disease," they said in their endorsement.