Professor thinks he's going to nail this BBC interview, forgets he has kids

You're all set for that important live TV interview with the BBC and you're already dressed in your best suit.

Nevermind that you may not even be wearing pants, no one can see that.

You're in a room that looks like an office. Very professional-looking with that world map hanging on the wall behind you.

No one will guess you're doing this from the comforts of your home because you've even got the door closed to prevent any interruptions.

Then it all goes terriblly wrong.

Mid-way through the interview, the door swings open and your first kid barges in, doing a dance. Then your toddler literally rolls in. 

The unfortunate series of events happened to Robert E. Kelly, a political science professor at the Pusan National University in South Korea, who appeared on a TV news segment via Skype on Friday (March 10) to discuss the South Korea impeachment scandal.

Seconds later, their mother, Jung-a Kim, bursts into the room and drags the kids out (dropping a book in the process) before gently closing the door, while still on her knees, reported the New York Times.

The Facebook video has been viewed over 43 million times so far.

But just when everyone was ready to vote this the funniest video of the year so far, the Internet community which obviously watched the video one too many times started to demonise Mr Kelly for the way his children were treated.

Photo: BBC Newsbeat

There were a few spoof recreations of the video too: