Red meat bad? Eat llamas instead: Bolivia

BOLIVIA'S health ministry announced a novel idea on Tuesday to cheer up carnivores worried by a United Nations agency's warning that red meat "probably" causes cancer: Switch to llamas.

"We have very good meats like llama, with a low percentage of fat, that are beneficial if consumed in moderation," said Vicky Aguilar, the health ministry's head of food and nutrition.

Indigenous Bolivians have eaten llama meat since pre-Colombian times, but in the past decade, high-end restaurants have also begun serving it.

Llamas, which are native to South America's Andes mountain region, are mostly known as pack animals and for their soft, shaggy wool.

But their meat is also high in protein and low in fat.

However, Ms Aguilar's message came with a warning.

"Anything is bad for you in excess," she said.

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