Risk your life if you cross or drive over these bridges

A bridge usually gets people to the other side safely.But not for some people - and even animals - who have to do balancing acts as they make their way to safety. Dangerous crossings are definitely not for the faint-hearted or those suffering from vertigo.Especially in places where bridges are rickety-old and worn out, and in need of urgent fixing or demolition. Like the old San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, which is being taken down in stages.

At some connecting spots like a steep vehicle bridge in Ejima in Japan, motorists have to muster full control as they steer their cars especially when they go downhill. Otherwise a nasty pile-up might result.But many bridges have been engineered and designed with international standards of safety. And they look beyond mere solid structures of function.

The ones with new-fangled designs include the illuminated double-helix bridge at Singapore's Marina Bay and skywalk at Gardens By The Bay - which was used as an elevated catwalk in the air for a fashion show.Who says a bridge can't be cool?