Russian nationalists throw smoke bombs at Polish embassy

MOSCOW - Russian police on Wednesday arrested three far-right protesters for pelting the Polish embassy with smoke bombs in response to a nationalist riot outside Russia's diplomatic compound in Warsaw.

Supporters of the Other Russia organisation that unites small anti-Kremlin opposition groups also unfurled a black banner reading "Russia from Warsaw to Port Arthur" before being detained by the police.

The group said in a statement that its action was in response to a riot involving up to 50,000 people on Poland's independence day Monday during which far-right groups threw firecrackers and set fire to a guard's booth outside the Russian embassy.

Russia on Tuesday demanded a formal apology from Poland and summoned Polish Ambassador Wojciech Zajaczkowski to the foreign ministry over the unrest.

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski told a local radio station on Wednesday that he found it "impossible to justify" the "absolutely scandalous incident" outside the Russian compound.

Poland and Russia have a history of complicated relations marked by centuries of conflicts and mistrust.

The integration into the West of post-Communist Poland - a European Union and NATO member - is also a cause of concern for Russia.