S Korean student falls off edge of Seven Sisters cliff while posing for photo

She had just arrived in the UK to learn English but things turned awry when the young student was out sightseeing.

Hyewon Kim, 23, was at Seven Sisters cliffs in East Sussex on June 22 when she asked a stranger to photograph a jump shot of her.

The South Korean student reportedly lost her footing as she landed and fell 60 metres off the clifftop - which was also crumbling.

Sussex police told the inquest in East Sussex that there were six other photos of her close to the cliffs, The Daily Mail reported.

"The expression on her face shows nothing but enjoyment," said Detective Sergeant Tod Stewart.

Two witnesses gave their statements, with one stating that they had dialed '999' for help as well as called the Korean Embassy.

Mark Webb, of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, told UK media: "This was an incredibly sad incident leading to the unnecessary loss of a very young life."

A post-mortem examination revealed that Kim died from "catastrophic head injuries" on the day of the incident, said BBC.

The iconic Seven Sisters cliff is a popular spot amongst tourists visiting the East Sussex area.

Last year, Express.co.uk reported that a massive landslide resulted in around 10 metres of the cliff to collapse into the sea, prompting urgent warnings to thousands of visitors.