Santa Claus fired after turning away girl with autism

A Santa Claus was fired after he turned away a seven-year-old girl with autism and her service dog in California.

Guang Ming Daily reported that Abcde (pronounced Ab-suh-dee) Santos had waited in queue for 30 minutes with her five-year-old pit bull terrier named Pup-Cake to see Santa Claus at a shopping mall on Sunday afternoon.

However, the man dressed as Santa Claus was afraid of her pit bull terrier and turned the girl away, telling her that those dogs "ate people" and that he was allergic to them.

The family then offered to take the dog away but the Santa still refused to see the girl, who began to cry.

A family friend later clarified that although Pup-Cake was a pit bull, it had undergone special training.

The Santa was subsequently fired while the mall had officially apologised to the family.