Santa renews pilot's licence

Santa Claus successfully renewed his commercial pilot's license, passing a written exam as well as a health check - despite high sugar levels - and is good to fly for Christmas, Canada's transportation department said on Thursday.

Santa was given his pilot's license renewal by Transport Minister Marc Garneau, a former astronaut, according to a video released on Twitter by Transport Canada.

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"Santa, I've got good news for you, once again you've aced your pilot's exam so here is your certificate," Garneau tells the man, dressed in a fur-trimmed red suit and hat and wearing black gloves.

The video shows the elderly gift-giver completing a vision screening test composed entirely of the letters H and O, and handing over a urine sample.

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"Your health is good. Your sugar levels are a little bit high, but you are cleared to go, so that's the good news," Garneau told Santa, who responded with laughter.

Garneau also warned Santa against distracted driving: "Just a reminder, don't use your cellphone, and don't do any texting while you're driving your sleigh through the skies."