Share your travel memories through Ritz-Carlton's app

Most of us love to capture our memories on camera or on a video or both. What's a holiday without a photo album to store those moments in?

The Ritz-Carlton has tapped into that need to capture those memories. Recent enhancements to the luxury hotel company's app allow the creation of personalised travel posters on smart phones and tablets to all Ritz-Carlton App users globally.

Imagine being able to capture the beauty of an island sunset and then personalising the photo with a destination stamp. Through a new travel poster feature, The Ritz-Carlton guests can transform their own photos into unique, vintage-inspired posters capturing their travel memories in a distinct and shareable way.

"A picture is worth a thousand words and a beautiful way to hold on to the memories we want to preserve," said Ed French, chief sales and marketing officer, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC.

"Our guests can now curate their own images with special filters, effects, the ability to crop, to add destination titles, stamps and to create vintage-style posters that capture their favourite travel memories. They will then be able to share their posters across social media channels, or save them to a personal on-device camera roll, storing the travel memory forever."

Upon opening The Ritz-Carlton App, users should click to open the travel posters feature. From there, select the option to access a photo from the album or take a photo. A photo editor tool provides 48 destination stamps, stickers, frames, effects and cropping tools. When completed, the ability to add a caption and post to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is at the click of a button.

Guests are also encouraged to share their posters across social channels using #RCMemories for the chance to have their signature travel moment captured by The Ritz-Carlton and shared on the brand Instagram channel or on

"Your Memories" displays photos of captured moments as they are shared by guests on Twitter and Instagram and tagged with #RCMemories.

As travellers share their personal experiences at Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts, The "Your Memories" page displays inspiring, dynamic, mosaic-like wall of images that is continuously refreshed.

So yes, as is the nature of these social media channels, they tap into your voyeuristic tendencies too.

The Ritz-Carlton App is available for download by visiting