Smallest fox with the biggest ears is here to end your week on a cute note

PHOTO: Taronga zoo

This little baby Fennec fox is yet to have a name, but that only adds to how adorable it is.

It was born on Dec 3 at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, yet it's only recently just started to rear its head and venture outside of its nest box.

And honestly, you've never seen a smaller fox, with bigger ears.

Photo: Taronga Zoo

"The little one is beginning to spend a lot more time outdoors. We're seeing it playing, rolling around on its back and chasing after mum and dad," keeper Deb Price said.

It's the first birth of the Fennec Fox at the zoo since 2013, but is the seventh child of parents Kebili and Zinder. The kit is yet to have its sex identified.

Photo: Taronga Zoo

"The parents are doing a fantastic job again, with Zinder proving to be a particularly attentive dad. We've seen him filling up his mouth with food and then racing back to deliver it to the kit," Price said.

The kit is now foraging for food on its own, getting a taste of solid foods such as crickets, mealworms and mice. The Fennec fox is the smallest of its species, growing to a maximum of 41 centimetres (16 inches) long.

Photo: Taronga Zoo 

It does, however, have massive ears which can be 15 cm (5.9 inches) long. The ears are used to help cool them down by radiating body heat, but are also a great tool to detect prey underground.

Other than that, they kinda look like a real-life Pokemon.

You're welcome.

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