Snow flurries blanket Britain

People sledge in a snow covered park in Sheffield, northern England December 27, 2014. Motorists in the north of Britain were trapped overnight, as a result of heavy snowfalls, local media reported.

LONDON - Overnight flurries left much of Britain blanketed in snow on Saturday, causing power shortages and delays at airports.

More than 100,000 homes in Britain were left with power shortages as snow affected electricity cables, with some 3,000 customers in eastern central England still affected early Saturday.

The heaviest snow was in Leek, western central England, where 11 centimetres fell.

"The worst of the snow has passed through. There is quite a bit of ice, especially over the higher ground in the north of England," said a spokesman for the Met Office national weather service.

"Overnight tonight ice is going to be more of a problem." Flights to European destinations took off with delays from Manchester Airport, the third-biggest in Britain. 

Liverpool and Leeds Bradford airports in northern England closed temporarily late Friday, causing a handful of diversions.

Meanwhile in Sheffield, northern England, many drivers were marooned in heavy snow. One coachload of London-bound passengers spent the night sheltering in a church, while the BBC had footage of people skiing in the city's streets.

Forecasters predict that temperatures could drop as low as minus 10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) next week.