Student parks car in neighbour's driveway for 11 weeks - and goes home to China

A teenage student in Wales, UK parked his car in the driveway of neighbours' home and flew home to China.

He left without a word, but only a note thanking them for "letting him" park his Citroen C4 there.

But it appears that the car just appeared in their front yard one day - and the couple gave no such consent whatsoever.

Cheeky guy.

On top of that, he also left behind a miniature cactus plant for them to take care of. Cue applause.

To make matters worse, the student was going to be gone for 11 weeks and he failed to leave his car keys behind so the couple couldn't move his car either.

Tom and Julia Ebenezer told MailOnline that they were warned by local police to "be careful not to damage the vehicle or they could be liable".

The 18-year-old student has been identified as Jack, who studies business at Aberystwyth University in Wales.

While he did leave his Chinese contact in the handwritten note, it was not a working line.

Thankfully, the two neighbours have come to a consensus as Jack will (finally) be sending them his car keys so they can move the vehicle that's been obstructing their way.

"We have had to halt work in the back and, of course, the window cleaner has come but couldn't do the whole house because the car is in the way," said Julia.

And as for Jack? He'll be back in Wales by mid-September.

But if it's of any consolation, he did mention in his note that he will be back with presents from China.