Suspect 'upset his rights violated by security search'

INJURED: Firefighters loading a person into an ambulance after the shooting at Los Angeles International Airport.

A man toting a rifle, some 150 rounds of ammunition and a grudge against federal security agents shot his way past a security checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport.

The deadly rampage sent hundreds of travellers fleeing in terror. By the time the shooting stopped, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer had died. Mr Gerardo I.

Hernandez, 39, became the first TSA officer in the agency's 12-year history to be killed in the line of duty, AP reported.

Five other people were hurt, including two other TSA employees and the gunman, identified as Paul Ciancia, 23, of Pennsville, New Jersey. He was shot four times, including in the mouth and leg, by airport police and remained hospitalised but there was no word on his condition.

About 1,550 scheduled arriving and departing flights with around 167,000 passengers were affected, according to the airport. That included 86 arriving flights that were diverted to other airports.

A law enforcement official said the gunman was dressed in fatigues and carried at least five full 30-round magazines of ammunition. In his bag was a one-page, handwritten note that said he wanted to kill TSA employees and "pigs".

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the note referred to how the gunman believed his constitutional rights were being violated by TSA searches, and that he was a "pissed-off patriot" upset at former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

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