Syrian boy, 6, born without arms loses legs from mine explosion

PHOTO: Ruptly
W.T.M. Why This Matters
Thousands of civilians, including children and infants, have died recently in airstrikes on rebel-controlled cities in Syria. A "humanitarian pause" was announced by Russia to allow civilians and militants a safe passage out of Aleppo.

Footage released on Tuesday showed Mahmoud Halyaf, a six-year-old boy born without arms, who recently lost his legs upon tripping a mine that had been left by militants in Aleppo Province.

According to his mother Madina Halyaf, Mahmoud was fleeing with his family from a village in the north of the province when he set off the planted mine. Madina recalled, "I was going with them to my uncle’s house. We were walking together with him [Mahmoud]. His uncle carried him. We were trying to pass through, they didn’t let us pass, we went secretly, hiding, on foot."

The family has already lost Mahmoud’s father who disappeared three years ago during the fighting in Damascus.