Teenager gets raped at UK train station, seeks help, rescuer rapes her too

PHOTO: Google maps

A 15-year-old girl has been raped twice in two separate incidents on the same day in Birmingham, UK.

BBC reported that she was with a friend when a man lured her to a secluded part of Witton railway station and raped her.

Daily Mail reported that the incident happened between 7pm on Tuesday (July 25) and 2am Wednesday morning.

When she fled the station after the attack, she flagged down a passing vehicle to ask for help.

She was raped again after getting into the second man's car.

Sky News reported that detectives from British Transport Police and West Midlands Police have launched a manhunt for the two attackers and are appealing for witness.

Police are also treating the two alleged rapes as separate cases.

Detective chief inspector Tony Fitzpatrick said in online reports: "This was a horrifying ordeal for this young girl and we have specially trained officers supporting her.

"It is now vitally important we investigate exactly what happened on Tuesday morning as well as identifying offenders for both of these awful incidents.

"My detectives are currently examining all available CCTV in an effort to identify the offenders and whilst these enquiries are made, we are keen to speak with any potential witnesses."

Police have described the first attacker as an Asian man in his early 20s with light skin, brown eyes, skinny build and about 6ft tall.

The second man is also Asian and in his early 20s and about 5ft 6in to 5ft 7in tall. He was of a large build, with a beard and wore a blue jumper and black jeans.

The word 'Asian' in UK generally refers to someone of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi descent.

Twitter users have picked up on the use of the word saying it actually means a Muslim person.

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Others are, of course, horrified at the incident.

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Just this week also in UK, a Muslim teen was kidnapped, raped, murdered and found stuffed in a fridge. Two men, also possibly of Asian descent, have been charged.