Terminally-ill grandpa gets his wish, sees his dog for one last time

PHOTO: Facebook/Ashley Stevens

Dog owners know that nothing compares to the love they have for their beloved canine friends. Through thick or thin, these master-pet duos know that they'll always have each other to love unconditionally. And when one passes, the other will always know that their friendship was one-of-a-kind and something sincerely special.

On March 29, a woman named Ashley Stevens shared the story of how a hospital granted her terminally-ill grandfather, Peter Robson's request of seeing his border collie, Shep, for one last time.

According to reports from BBC.com, Robson was diagnosed with fibrosis of the lungs and his one request from the Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland, was to see his pet dog one more time. However, with the hospital's strict rules on pets in the building, Robson's family thought it was impossible for his final wish to be granted.

But the staff at Ninewells Hospital surprised Robson and allowed his family to bring the dog into the building and Robson finally got to say goodbye to his beloved pet. Watch the video of their emotional reunion:

"Still in shock that the wish was granted and they went above and beyond today and made a dying man very happy. Cheryl Whyte charge nurse of Ward 3 you are an absolute angel and we are all eternally grateful you don't know what this meant to our grandad," Stevens writes in a Facebook post.

Since Stevens posted the video and photos online, people from all over the world were moved by her story and some of them even commented sweet messages on her Facebook post.

In an update, Stevens shares with People, the dog Shep is now being taken care by Robson's grandson, Peter.

Stevens also tells People that her family is doing well and that they'd like to remember their grandfather as one that was "always laughing and joking, always had a smile on his face. And right up until the end, that's how he remained."

Though Shep the dog will live beyond the years of Robson, we're pretty sure this beautiful memory of their final reunion will continue to touch the lives of dog lovers everywhere.