Thanks to tortillas he forgot to buy, man wins $240,000 in lottery

A man in Oregon, United States won $175,000 (S$240,000), all thanks to the tortillas that he forgot to buy at the grocery store.

After coming home to get groceries, only then did Matthew Clark realise he forgot to buy tortillas for their dinner. This he revealed to Oregon lottery officials, as reported by local media KVAL last Jan. 16. He thus needed to go back for the tortillas.

While waiting in line to pay for his item, Clark bought a scratch-it Winter Ca$h ticket. Little did he know that buying it would bring him luck - he won $25,000 per year for 10 years. But he opted to take his prize in the form of a lump sum of $175,000.

"I started shaking," he said about his win. "I had to take a minute so I could drive home safely."

When asked what he will do with the prize, Clark said he and his wife Kateri will be "smart" when it comes to spending it.

"We had a bunch of home remodeling planned, and this money will go toward that," he said. "I think the first thing we are going to do is a kitchen remodel, then we will invest some of the prize."