Thieves get off safely after stealing tons of condoms and sex toys

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While everyone else spent Memorial Day hitting the beach or going to a barbecue, two very horny thieves in Las Vegas managed to steal thousands of condoms and $10,000 worth of sex toys.

The two unidentified men robbed a warehouse belonging to the high-end sex toy company Lelo.

It had shut down early for the holiday weekend and at about 7:45 pm on Friday the security cameras caught the two sneaking in the back gate.

The apparent safe-sex enthusiasts walked away with two shipping boxes full of condoms, only to return a few minutes later to pick up 36 more packages.

Seems like a bold move, but it got even bolder.

Two men (who police assume are the same suspects) came back the next morning and grabbed three more large boxes, two of which included 33 butt plugs and 48 kegel exercisers.

Still no word on what was in that third box.

This crime may sound amusing, but sex toys are serious business - and they can be expensive.

So it's not that strange that these guys would try to get their thrills this way.

The most ridiculous thing, however, is that Lelo was about to give thousands of condoms away for free… So there was no need to steal them.

These clever criminals have so far managed to evade capture, but the company is urging those with any information on the theft to contact the Las Vegas Police Department.

Lelo will make a donation to the charity of your choice as a reward for a successful tip.

In the meantime, these guys are giving new meaning to the phrase 'getting off easy.

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