Time magazine cover appears to give Donald Trump 'horns', Internet erupts

Time magazine cover appears to give Donald Trump 'horns', Internet erupts

The devil is in the detail of the cover of Time's latest issue.

It features a portrait of US President-elect Donald Trump, who the magazine named its Person of the Year for 2016 on Wednesday.

But eagle-eyed netizens quickly noticed something a little fiendish about his portrait on the cover of the magazine's latest issue.

"Horns. They gave him horns," tweeted actress Alyssa Milano.


Indeed, the placement of Mr Trump's head directly under the letter 'M' makes it appear that the billionaire has spouted a pair of red devil horns.

Naturally, the Internet erupted.

Christopher Hooton, culture editor at Britain's The Independent tweeted that the magazine's art director should be given a raise.








However, others didn't find the comparison so amusing.


Netizens also compared Trump's portrait to the cover featuring Adolf Hitler, who was Time's Person of the Year in 1938.


However, Time quickly denied that it had deliberately framed the portrait to give horns to the property tycoon, pointing to 35 other covers in which other public figures, including Trump's election rival Hillary Clinton, were also given "extra features".


"Any resemblance to cats, bats or devil horns is entirely coincidental," the magazine said.


Mr Trump, who will be inaugurated as US President on Jan 20 next year, called Time's accolade a "great honour", the BBC reported.

He has been busy making key Cabinet appointments in recent weeks, but the President-elect also appears to have another pressing concern: blocking people on Twitter.

According to Mashable, a number of users on the social media platform have been posting screenshots of messages telling them that they have been blocked from seeing the president-elect's tweets, and have described being blocked as a "life goal".






Some Twitter accounts even say that they have been blocked, un-blocked and re-blocked again.




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