Top 10 cleanest airlines in the world

Japan's All Nippon Airways topped the list as the cleanest airline in the world.

Japan's All Nippon Airways topped the list as the cleanest airline in the world, while China's EVA Air, Cathay Pacific Airlines and Hainan Airlines took the second, sixth and ninth spots, respectively, according to a report by UK-based aviation research consultancy Skytrax.

Passengers were asked to rate the standards and quality for aircraft cabin cleanliness, with seat areas, tables, carpets, cabin panels and washrooms all contributing to the final results, Skytrax said.

Asia-based airlines dominated the top 10 rankings for best cabin cleanliness, with seven of the top 10 coming from the region.

Let's take a look at Skytrax's top 10 cleanest airlines in the world.

1. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Photo: AFP

2. EVA Air

Photo: Facebook/EVA Airways Corp. 長榮航空

3. Asiana Airlines

Photo: Reuters

4. Singapore Airlines

Photo: Reuters

5. Japan Airlines

Photo: AFP

6. Cathay Pacific Airways

Photo: Reuters

7. Qatar Airways

Photo: Reuters

8. Swiss International Air Lines

Photo: Pixabay

9. Hainan Airlines

Photo: Facebook/Hainan Airlines Global

10. Lufthansa

Photo: Reuters