Top 10 places to say 'I love you'

SINGAPORE - To many people, an expression of love cannot be done through pen and paper, or text message.

On some special occasions, like Valentine's Day, some couples decide to take an extra step further to express those three simple words.

To magnify the importance of the words, here are some places couples can say "I love you" against the backdrop of the world's most beautiful scenery.

China Daily has listed 10 romantic places around the world for couples to say "I love you".

Rotorua, famous for its natural beauty, has been voted as the most beautiful city in New Zealand six times, said China Daily.

After a day of hiking under the blue sky and trekking through the lush nature and greenery, couples can complete their perfect day with those three words.

Blue Point Chapel in Bali Island is an idyllic and convenient location for couples. For couples who are looking to tie the knot, the island has three famous glass wedding churches to hold ceremonies.

The best time to visit is from May to September where couples can busk in the golden rays and it is also perfect for an outdoor wedding shoot.

As Valentine's Day draws near, check out these 10 most romantic places to say "I love you".