Tourist, who is a boxer, takes on bullying Turkish mob and wins

Tourist, who is a boxer, takes on bullying Turkish mob and wins
A trip to a convenience store turned ugly for a tourist in Turkey when the shopkeeper started attacking him. The fracas eventually spiralled out of control, turning into a brawl within minutes.

The tourist was opening a refrigerator when the bottles inside tumbled out onto the pavement. The shopkeeper then confronted the tourist with a stick and took a swipe at him.

According to the video posted on youtube, the tourist is an amateur boxer from Ireland, and he did not appreciate getting bullied.

He retaliates, and the scuffle moves from the sidewalk over to a road, where it turns into a near-riot as the shopkeeper and his friends call for backup.

Over five men can be seen trying to rain blows on the Irish tourist but to no avail.


In once scene, the boxer lands a punch on one of the Turkish men, knocking him to the ground. The dazed Turkish man then retreats to the sidewalk, stupefied.

Despite being outnumbered, the Irish man seems unfazed even when a chair was thrown at him. The other Turkish men, seen wielding bats and sticks, continue their futile attempt at assaulting the Irish boxer.

At one point, the crowd swells to over 10 men, but the Irish boxer was unintimidated, even rushing to confront the mob despite the overwhelming opposition.

The Irish boxer eventually had to be restrained by his friend as he tried to confront the shopkeeper and his friends again.

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