Troubled Argentine city halts gun sales

Troubled Argentine city halts gun sales

BUENOS AIRES - The mayor of the Argentine city of Santa Fe on Wednesday temporarily banned the sale of arms and ammunition in a bid to stem violent crime, much of it linked to drug trafficking.

So far this year, 117 homicides have taken place in the city of Santa Fe, 470 kilometers (290 miles) north of Buenos Aires.

The figure tops the previous record of 116 deaths in 2007. There were 106 killings in 2013.

In a statement, Mayor Jose Corral said he was suspending the sale of arms and ammunition for 90 days.

Many Argentines are worried about violent crime in the country and the problem is especially acute in Santa Fe province, where drug trafficking is a major issue.

In Rosario, the province's largest city, local media say the problem is confounded by political disputes, corruption, poverty and football hooliganism.

More than 80 per cent of Argentina's soy, wheat and corn are exported through Rosario's ports.

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