Twitter users poke fun of Melania Trump's 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' decor

Happy Horrordays from the White House!

The Christmas season always gives off a jolly vibe-from the decors to the songs. We all know that it is the happiest time of the year.

So when White House Communication Director Stephanie Grisham shared a photo of the First Lady's eerie Christmas decor on Twitter, the internet came up with memes to mock the decorations.

Twitter users have compared the decor to Blair Witch Project, the home of the White Witch in Narnia, and to "A Nightmare Before Christmas".

Some of them even made an effort to photoshop it and indicate several character references from Jack Skeleton to Pennywise.

Some Reddit users also joined in the fun with their Star Wars and Stranger Things references:

As people creatively mock the decorations, someone can't help but ask:

Can Melania Trump please stand up and answer?