Ukrainian woman proposes to boyfriend in Panda costume

The daily also reported that a Ukrainian woman proposed to her boyfriend on Valentine's Day in Dujiang Yan, China, reported China Press.

The woman, known only as Sasha, 26, had put on a panda costume before dancing in front of her boyfriend Da Bin, 30, and five others.

Much to his surprise, she suddenly removed the costume and presented him with a bouquet of flowers, then went down on her knee and shouted: "Marry me!"

He accepted the proposal with everyone present applauding.

The couple have known each other for a year.

Earlier, Sasha told her boyfriend that she had to work overtime on Valentine's Day, so he decided to join his friends for an outing.

Report done by: Tan Sin Chow, Hemananthani Sivanandam and Aravinthan Rajaandra