US cops' bra sizes sent to entire force

Bulletproof vests which DPD female officers would receive. Action will be taken against Commander Dwayne Love, who sent the e-mail with the bra sizes.

The Detroit Police Department (DPD) in the US has been left red-faced after it admitted that an e-mail containing the bra sizes of 20 female officers was accidentally circulated among 50 other officers.

The female officers had provided their height, weight and bra cup size for bulletproof vests, New York Daily News reported.

About three weeks ago, one Commander Dwayne Love was tasked with informing his fellow DPD officers that their bulletproof vests were ready.

A four-page e-mail with a spreadsheet attached was sent to senior officers and then the rank and file. The spreadsheet contained the officers' height, weight and cup sizes.

"On the third page, the females were listed. Unfortunately and embarrassingly, the cup sizes of the females were listed on that third page, and it was really just a clerical error," said DPD Assistant Chief James White.

He said that Commander Love didn't know that intimate details of the women were included on the spreadsheet.


"This is more or less a clerical error," he said.

"This was not a lapse in judgment. Had he (Commander Love) seen this information, he wouldn't have forwarded it.

Mr White said: "However, it's an embarrassing situation, and I'm going to be addressing the issue formally with him over the next couple of weeks.

"Once we complete our investigation, there will be corrective action."

Mr White said that he plans to tell the manufacturer of the bulletproof vests not to include such personal details in the future, New York Daily News reported.

"All we need to know is that the vests have been received," he said.

DPD is planning to meet affected female officers to discuss the blunder. Some of them plan to file grievances against the department.

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