US man faces charges after toddler kills cousin with his gun

WASHINGTON - US authorities announced Thursday they will bring charges against a man who left a handgun in an apartment, leading to an accident in which a toddler shot and killed her seven-year-old cousin.

The shooting happened June 6 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Anthony Sanders, a 27-year-old convicted felon, was to go before a judge Thursday to be charged with gun possession, which is illegal for people with a criminal record like his. He had done prison time for kidnapping.

The new charge could bring a 10-year jail term if he is convicted.

Sanders was arrested Wednesday. He had spent the night in the Nashville apartment and departed the next morning, leaving the gun behind.

At least five children were there at the time.

A two-year-old boy shot his seven-year-old cousin Harmony Warfield in the head and killed her.

Such tragic accidents are not rare in the United States, a country with more than 300 million guns.

In 2014, a two-year-old child killed her mother in a supermarket in Idaho by grabbing the gun in her purse.