US man thinks he's in Grand Theft Auto, hijacks 2 cars

The man thought he could get away like a video game character, but the law caught up to him.

A video of a US man's multiple car hijacking attempt in March last year is making its rounds on the Internet.

Like a scene from the video game Grand Theft Auto, he leads the police on an hour-long chase, speeding down expressways and crashing into other cars.

The four-minute long video begins with the driver of an orange SUV forces another minivan to a stop on a snowy morning in Denver.

The driver gets out of the SUV and forces the minivan's driver and his passenger out of the vechicle - before getting inside and driving away.

He keeps driving even as smoke starts rising from the minivan's bonnet. As parts start falling out of the minivan, he temporarily stops at a road junction to try and steal another vehicle.

Next, he is seen tailgating another black car and bumping into its rear until its bumper fell off. He fails to stop the vehicle.

The man later abandons the broken-down minivan after he sideswipes another white car and forces it to a stop. He roughly throws out the woman driving and commandeers her vehicle, driving on the wrong side of the road and narrowly avoiding head-on collisions with other cars.

The car chase comes to a violent end when the man crashes into an oncoming vehicle at a traffic junction, but he manages to bail out and even attempts to hijack a third vehicle.

As police cars cut him off, he runs in the other direction, leading the police on a short foot chase.

Running around a corner, he slips on an icy patch - but gets up and keeps running. He attempts to vault over a fence, but he is unable to do so. So he runs along the side of the barrier, trying to find a way out.

However, the police catch up to him, and the exhausted car thief does the only right thing he's done that morning by lying down and surrendering.