US reopens Yemen embassy after 'Qaeda threat'

A checkpoint leading to the US embassy compound in the Yemeni capital Saana is seen on August 3, 2013.

WASHINGTON - The United States has reopened its embassy in Yemen, the State Department said Tuesday, two weeks after it closed for fear of an Al-Qaeda attack.

A statement said that the embassy in Sanaa had "re-opened to provide limited public services" on Sunday.

Sanaa was one of 19 US consulates and embassies in the Muslim world that were shut on August 4 amid what American officials said was a threat of an imminent attack.

The other missions had already re-opened, but Yemen - the home base of the militant faction Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - was seen as the epicenter of the threat.

Yemeni authorities have since claimed to have thwarted the alleged plot, and there have been several reports of US drone strikes killing suspected militants.