US teacher gets 30 days in prison for biting student's butt

PHOTO: Pixabay

GEORGIA - A male teacher in Georgia, United States was sentenced to 30 days of imprisonment for biting the buttocks of his 14-year-old female student.

Aside from the incarceration, Jonathan William Herbert was sentenced to four years of probation, as reported by the Gainesville Times on Thursday, Dec 13.

The suspect was charged with public intoxication and bribery following the incident. He was also charged with sexual battery, but the charge was dismissed by the public attorney's office because the prosecutors were concerned they may not convince the jury on the charge, seeing as it is the same as other sexual assault cases.

According to the terms of his probation, the former Gwinnett County Public Schools teacher cannot teach during the probation period. He must avoid going to places "where children congregate."

His probation terms also require him to do 40 hours of community service, the report said. Herbert will have to attend two 12-Step meetings, a programme for the rehabilitation of alcohol addiction, per week for four days aside from the required drug and alcohol treatment. He will also be required to undergo two drug tests per month for four years.

Court documents state that once Herbert completed the term of his probation, the case will be discharged "without court adjudication of guilt."

The butt-biting incident happened on July 4 this year, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday, Dec 14. The victim was playing volleyball in Lake Lanier when the suspect swam underwater and bit her butt.

The former teacher was also accused of offering $200 (S$275) to a police officer "with the purpose of influencing him in the performance of his official duties," as per report.