Viral video of man hitting children happened in Egypt, not Malaysia

PHOTO: Facebook video screengrab

PETALING JAYA - A viral video purportedly showing a man beating up a group of children with a stick in a welfare home did not happen in Malaysia but was an incident that occurred in Egypt four years ago.

The 1 minute 51 second video clip, which is being shared on WhatsApp, shows a man dressed in blue hitting seven children on their buttocks, one by one, with a stick.

He is also seen kicking each child right after they receive the beatings, with the young ones seen crying and pleading with the man to not hit them.

The text with the WhatsApp video had also called on people to share the video with their contacts claiming that the man seen in the video was a teacher at the RM VM School in Valsad, Gujarat, India.

In fact, the incident originally took place in an orphanage run by manager Osama Mohamed Othman at the Dar Mecca Al-Mokarama Orphanage in Giza, Egypt, reported British daily the Daily Mail in August 2014.

The report which quoted Gulf News said that the estranged wife of Osama recorded him hitting the children as she wanted to expose him.

However, Osama claimed that he treated the orphans like his children and only wanted them to stop misbehaving, said the report.

Osama also said that the children had turned on the TV and had opened the fridge without his permission.

The report added that the children have already been transferred to another orphanage.

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