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Teachers on Sexy Mandarin: Candice Chen (left); Tiffany Hsieh (right)

Teachers on SexyMandarin are hired based on having good communication skills and how attractive they are.

There are no academic prerequisites at the moment.

A SexyMandarin teacher in Singapore told MyPaper last week she earns $30 an hour.

The New Paper on Sunday understands that teachers are paid extra for the private and group classes they conduct with paying subscribers.

These are just a few of the more established teachers in the school.

Vrenna Huang, 25

Hometown: Haikou, China

Height: 1.71m

Hobbies: Swimming and sleeping

Likes: A man who can make her feel secure. Punctuality is also a must.

Teaching since: June 2012

Number of videos: 10

She says: "I love to work with everyone in this great team. It gives me the chance to release the sexy beast in me. And being sexy can make students absorb all the new words without even realising it."

Candice Chen, 24

Hometown: Zhuhai, China

Height: 1.71m

Hobbies: Pets, diving and shopping

Likes: Tall and slim men

Teaching since: June 2012

Number of videos: 11

She says: "People say what they want to say. If you call a girl in revealing clothes 'slutty', then half of the fashion industry on this planet is slutty. I do not think my job is slutty at all. I am a beautiful, confident woman. I love my body and love being sexy."

Tiffany Hsieh, 25

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Height: 1.74m

Hobbies: Reading, travelling, playing video games

Likes: A man with a proper career. He must also be smart, brave and righteous

Teaching since: Feb 2012

Number of videos: 11

She says: "My favourite role is the sexy nurse. I believe many guys fantasise about being treated by a sexy nurse. I enjoy role-playing and trying on all kinds of costumes and lingerie. But some fans send me annoying and flirtatious messages that freak me out a bit. I believe that I am an educator, just that I make it more fun.

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