WATCH: Bear trio wandering around closed stores run away like felons when cop shows up

Three small bears were strolling around town at night in Tahoe City in California, USA, when a deputy on patrol chanced upon them.

Deputy Nevins was patrolling the Lighthouse Center area, and when he encountered the bears, he took a short video of them, with one bear appearing to be sniffing the front door of a Taco Bell branch.

The three bears quickly high-tailed it down the walkway as Nevins followed them around in a vehicle. He chuckled as he asked, "What are you guys doing?" adding, "fleeing felons."

Well, our resident bear whisperer, Deputy Nevins, was at it again last night in Tahoe City! He was patrolling the...

Posted by Placer County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Placer County Sheriff's Office shared the clip on its Facebook page with the caption, "We love how they all gathered up and took off together! 'Here comes the cops, run!!'"

Some commenters surprisingly recognised the group of bears and shared their own experiences. One netizen said the bears once sniffed around her car.

Another commenter said they looked like underage teens caught drinking and running from cops.

It appears that the bears have made regular appearances around town as they look for an easy meal to fatten up for hibernation.

Local law reinforcers do their best to try and keep the bears out of garbage cans and out of trouble for the most part.