Watch how this tiny French bulldog takes on 2 bears like a boss

A French bulldog named Jules emerged victorious after going against two bear cubs which entered his owner's California home on Friday.

The brawl between the small 9kg dog and the two cubs was captured by CCTV cameras on the property. The video was shared online by Jules' owner David Hernandez and has garnered over 1.6 million views in just three days.

Video footage shows two of the bears wandering around after climbing over the front gate of the house. Jules soon appears and the bears, each about 10 times bigger than Jules, suddenly find themselves being barked at and chased. 

Although the bears try to defend themselves against the the pint-sized hero, Jules' gumption overpowers whatever physical strength the bears have as she tirelessly chases them around the front porch and towards the gate. In the end, the startled cubs scramble to climb over the fence and leave the property looking frightened.

A third bear was also purportedly on the premises, but remained in hiding.

Hernandez later told news website that he was shocked by his dog's bravery. He said: "She blew me away, couldn't believe that she turned into a wolverine."

According to Hernandez, bears frequently visit his home and are often spotted in the surrounding area as it is near the San Gabriel Mountains. The bears search for food, and their brazen visitations are encouraged by some of the residents who feed them.

Now, thanks to feisty Jules, visiting bears will probably make it a point to steer clear of his home in the future.