WATCH: Macron's dog pees on presidential fireplace during government meeting

French President Emmanuel Macron's dog Nemo was filmed urinating on a fireplace at the Elysee Palace during a meeting with three junior ministers on Wednesday last week (October 18).

Macron and his ministers laughed off the incident, which took place in the president's office.

Nemo, a cross between a black labrador and a griffon, was adopted in August by Macron and his wife Brigitte from a French animal welfare organisation named SPA (Animal Protection Society). He is said to be about one or two years old.

The dog was named after Captain Nemo in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea", a famous book written by Jules Verne and of which Macron is a fan.

Previous presidents Francois Hollande, Jacques Chirac, Francois Mitterand and Charles de Gaulle also had a "presidential dog".