WATCH: Meet the 12-year-old Siberian 'Rapunzel'

Nina Bychkova from Novosibirsk flaunted her crowning glory as the 12-year-old let down her luscious 139 cm (54 inch) locks.

She hasn't cut her hair since birth, and her long blonde hair has earned a place in the Russian record book, which she admits, makes her feel like a 'little star'.

However, the Siberian Rapunzel has her sights set on breaking not just national records, but international ones too.

She hopes to get the Guinness world record for the longest hair in the under-18 category.

With preparations underway, the teenager protects her hair from any damage by never colouring or straightening it.

But some challenges are hard to escape, "It is also inconvenient for me as I can bend and step on the hair," said Nina.