Wealthy bachelor shows off 'gold' mansion in hot pink bathrobe to find bride

A wealthy Serbian bachelor has decided to go online to find a bride by posting pictures of his luxurious gold-furnished mansion and posing in some of the photos in a fluffy hot pink bathrobe.

The photos accompanying a personal advertisement seeking a mate was put up by a middle-aged slightly grey-haired man supposedly named Don Milisav Juan Gonzales Brzi. The bachelor can be seen in the photos with a stoic expression as he posed in the many decadent rooms in various outfits.

Other than his bathrobe, he was seen in various outfits that include tailored suits, expensive fur coats complete with matching headgear and even silk pyjamas.

The photos showcase rooms decorated with gold-plated furniture, art frescoes and chandeliers glistening from the ceilings. Even the bathrooms were not spared, and his future girlfriend can enjoy using the gold-trimmed toilet bowls.

From the photos, it seems that he had just moved into the huge mansion as some of the furniture are still encased in their wrappings.

Little is known about the man except he claims to be 39 years old and currently lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, said UK entertainment news site Daily Mail.

In his post together with the photos, the bachelor addressed it to 'all the unmarried ones' and wrote that he is seeking a young woman, aged 16 to 20, to 'spend their life' by his side and enjoy all the beauties of his St. Petersburg home. He is interested in long-term relationship or marriage.

The photos, which netizens have deemed hilarious and bizarre, started circulating on Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian websites for the past few months, according to Daily Mail, and has recently made its way into the English news sites.

It is not known whether the Serbian bachelor has already found a suitable mate.