What is 'covfefe'? Twitter erupts as Donald Trump's mysterious tweet leaves many stumped

UPDATE: The mysterious tweet has been deleted - and amazingly enough, Trump responded in a new tweet. Unfortunately, we still don't know what #Covfefe means.

President Trump is no stranger to Twitter and the internet is well aware of that by now.

Those familiar with his antics on the social media platform would know of his preference to tweet in the wee hours of the morning.

He's done it more than once.

Each time he goes on an online Twitter rampage, he breaks the internet because of the massive amount of reactions from netizens.

And just when you thought he's had enough of the mockery, he's done it again.

The US president left a startlingly vague - and incomprehensible - tweet at midnight Washington time on Wednesday (May 31).

All he said was: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe"

It didn't take long before #Covfefe started trending and netizens went to town as they tried to decipher what the President meant to say.

Maybe, just maybe, he was trying to type the word 'coverage'. But there's no fun in leaving it as that, is there?

There are so many questions.

Why is there no punctuation? Was it an incomplete sentence? Did he do it on purpose? How do we even pronounce it?

Rather than figure all these out on our own, it's probably a better idea to seek help on the Net (as always) - and the results are beyond hilarious. 

There are actual accounts named after #Covfefe now.

And a good number of gifs to tide us over as we slowly come to terms with not ever knowing what the word means.

Some even had fun with famous brand names and slogans.

For anyone who's keeping count, the tweet in question has now garnered close to 140,000 likes and over 100,000 retweets at press time.

It happens to be among his most popular tweets in a long time.

No matter where you are in this world, remember that we're all in this together.

Also, you can purchase a T-shirt with the now-famous word emblazoned on the front. Go crazy.