What your favourite holiday destination says about you

A person's favourite holiday destination can reveal a lot about their personality, according to Huffington Post.

Do you always return to beach destinations such as Bali or Borcay? You are probably seeking a holiday which will give you a great deal of rest and relaxation before returning to a corporate working environment.

If scaling the majestic mountains in Nepal or roaring through the spectacular terrains in Australia on a four-wheel drive sounds like a dream holiday - you have an adventurous and over-achieving personality.

The dare-devil in you likes to constantly challenge yourself and test your limits.

Love to indulge and enjoy the finer things in life? Italy might be your favourite destination.

Filled with fine wines, cheeses, and carb-based meals of pizza and pasta at every corner, it's hard not to let oneself go during a holiday in popular Italian cities like Milan or Florence.

You can also enjoy hours of wandering around the cities looking at art and culture with a cup of freshly-made gelato in hand.

Find out how your favourite destination can reveal quirks about your personality.