Where to meet the world's rich and famous in 2014?

Singapore - Ever wondered what the social calendar of the world's wealthiest looks like?

Apart from managing their multi-million conglomerates, some of the millionaire and billionaire tycoons of the world are also jetting around the globe to attend the most exclusive invite-only parties and events.

Business intelligence company Wealth-X has put together a calendar of the 12 most important events in each month of the year for 2014 which the elites will be attending.

In January, the world's super rich will start off the new year at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Global enterprise leaders will gather and discuss trade and commerce, and ways to improve the international economy. Not to be missed at this conference are the CEOs and founders of the top profit-making companies at the moment such as Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and YouTube co-founder Evan William.

In February onwards, the world's elite will gear up for the most exciting sporting events around the globe, starting with the much-anticipated Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and followed by the Dubai World Cup in March, said Wealth-X.

Golf, described as a game for the rich, will be held in April and August as the masters of the sport gather and compete for the million-dollar prizes at the US Masters and US PGA tournaments.

If they prefer a sport that is more upbeat, the tycoons can head over to London and attend the prestigious Wimbledon competition, and join Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, as they do the 'wave'.

Regulars of the star-studded tennis event also include fashion designer Victoria Beckham, award-winning actress Kate Winslet and sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, said various reports including Wealth-X and Huffington Post.

As the seasons turn colder in the northern hemisphere, the rich keeps their spirits up with year-end parties. They will jet over to various global cities and indulge in lavish parties.

One of the popular party-islands is the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Barts where Russian oil billionaire Roman Abramovich will throw his annual luxurious New Year's Eve party on board a super yacht.

According to British news and entertainment site Daily Mail, the oil tycoon spent a whopping 5 million pounds in 2012 on his family and his A-list guests such as movie magnate Harry Weinstein and his wife, co-founder and designer of high-end women's label Marchesa, Georgina Chapman, and famous director George Lucas.

The glitzy party was topped off with performances by chart-topping musical acts such as The Black Eyed Peas, Prince, Gwen Stefani and even Beyonce, said Daily Mail.

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