Which tourist traps to avoid in Europe

SINGAPORE - There are many attractions in Europe which have been raved about and advertised, but which are the ones that are actually worth a visit?

According to travel writer Rich Steves on SmarterTravel.com, there are 10 types of over-rated attractions and tourist spots which can be crossed out on every traveller's to-do list.

Ever heard of the famous stone which can give people the gift of the eloquence? To achieve this, the person has to "belly up and head back", to give the Blarney Stone in Cork, Ireland, a kiss.

Steves suggested giving this attraction a miss as the stone is visited by busloads of tourists, and "slathered with spit and lipstick" by the end of the day.

Another popular attraction to avoid is the many gimmicky museums around Europe. Some examples include Rome's Time Elevator and the Torture Museums.

Steves said these attractions are time- and money-wasters, and only few contain real historical artifacts.

Tourists end up including them in their itineraries as these places have been heavily promoted or are connected with a famous song or movie.

To have a great European holiday, Steves suggests tourists should travel smart and "insist on connecting with real culture".

Find out which are the 10 European tourist traps to avoid in the gallery below.