Wild night on St Patrick's day for Mayor Ford

Wild night on St Patrick's day for Mayor Ford

TORONTO - New allegations have surfaced that Toronto's crack-smoking mayor also snorted cocaine and partied with a possible prostitute, as the city council voted to ask him to stand aside.

An Ontario judge decided Wednesday to release additional information from the police investigation into Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who defiantly refuses to step down as leader of Canada's largest city.

At the first city council meeting since Ford admitted last week to once smoking crack in a "drunken stupor," the mayor said he had purchased illicit drugs in the past two years. But he again denied being an addict. The council's motion seeking that he step aside was non-binding, as it cannot oust him.

The new documents suggest Ford had consumed the pain killer Oxycontin, consorted with sex workers, drove while inebriated and used his staffers to purchase alcohol, among other irregularities.

The nearly 500-page document holds months' worth of allegations that have not yet been proven in court and were used to obtain a search warrant in an investigation targeting alleged drug dealer Alessandro Lisi.

In it, Earl Provost - Ford's current chief of staff - and former staffers Brooks Barnett and Isaac Ransom paint a vivid picture of one night in particular: St. Patrick's Day in 2012.

The three were among revelers with Ford, who started the party at the Mayor's City Hall office. When Ransom arrived, he saw a petite blonde blue-eyed woman named Alana, who he said he believed was a sex worker.

Ransom told police that there had been rumours that Ford "had used escorts or prostitutes," that Alana had previously seen with Ford "at a stag party," and that she had hash and marijuana. He adds that Ford wanted to use the drugs with Alana, but staffers prevented him.

At the party, Ransom says, Ford had finished half a 40 oz. bottle of vodka before taking a cab to downtown bar Bier Markt to drink in a private room.

Ransom said that Barnett and Provost later told him that the mayor called the cab driver a "Paki," threw business cards at him, and "made mocking fake language sounds."

A Bier Market food runner who is interviewed by police says that at one point, he entered the private room with food when he told police he saw the Mayor and another woman "turned in towards each other with their heads down and back from the table and he heard two sniffs from both of them."

The food runner said that Barnett, who left Ford's office this week, asked for the food runner's name, gave him a card, and told him "don't tell anyone about what you saw here tonight."

That same night, Provost allegedly told then-chief of staff Mark Towhey that he saw Ford consume an Oxycontin pill. The party returned to City Hall, where the Mayor reportedly "started crying uncontrollably, assaulted Barnett, pushed Provost" for their affiliations with the Liberal Party.

Over the course of the night, Ford also reportedly said lewd words to a female staffer at the scene and a female city hall security guard.

Eventually, Ford was put into a cab with Provost. At the end of the night, Towhey and Ransom report that once the inebriated Ford got home, he got into his own car and left, nearly striking Provost's cab.

Ransom said Ford did not remember the incident when informed about it by Provost.

The documents also allege that staffers were asked by the Mayor to purchase alcohol, and that Christopher Fickel was asked to change light bulbs and batteries for Ford's children's toys, as well as buy cigarettes, bleach, detergent, and diet Coke.

At a council meeting Wednesday, Ford said he had never assaulted an employee. He also vowed not to step down or take a leave of absence, despite council's passing of a non-binding motion that urged the mayor to take a leave of absence.

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