Woman bites off finger of husband's lover in street fight

PHOTO: YouTube screengrabs

A vengeful wife took a bloody revenge on her husband's lover after bumping into her while shopping.

The two women, who are relatives, started fighting when they saw each other at Quartieri Spagnoli, a popular shopping street in Naples, Italy.

It is during the fight that the wife bites off the finger of a woman she believes was having an affair with her husband.

According to Daily Mail, the wife discovered her husband was having an affair with the woman before the incident.

A video posted online shows four women engaged in a fight in public. Loud screams and swearing can be heard while a man tries to pull two of the women apart.

At one point, one of the women chases another before pushing her up against a wall.

An ambulance soon arrives as bystanders watch on in disbelief.

UK news website Daily Mail said that surgeons have operated on the victim to sew her finger back on.

The parties were not identified in news reports, but the man at the centre of the love triangle is believed to be a successful entrepreneur.