Woman buys 'armchair' on Amazon, gets a rude shock when it arrives

PHOTO: Twitter/@B_is_4Bombshell

Online shopping can be a fun and convenient solution for many, especially in this smartphone era.

But what happens when the item you ordered appears totally different in real life?

By different - think at least a fraction of the size the item is supposed to be.

To put things into greater perspective, take this US woman's recent experience as an example.

She was apparently shopping for furniture on Amazon when she noticed a clear armchair that she liked and promptly added it to her cart.

Known only as Blaque, the 25-year-old realised the grave mistake she had made when her item arrived in the mail.

It was large enough for a dollhouse. Fortunately, she found humour in her mistake and took to Twitter to share a photo of her hilarious buy.

The tweet has garnered at least 11,000 likes and over 4,900 retweets since May 23.

Blaque later told BuzzFeed News that she paid US$5 (S$6.90) for the chair and had initially thought it was a good deal.

She added: "When I opened it and pulled that chair out, I literally busted out laughing tears and all because I couldn't believe I bought that."

She graciously said it wasn't Amazon's fault at all because she "just didn't read" the chair's review or description.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened to online shoppers.

Many have flocked to social media to post photos of their hilarious online shopping mistakes.

Here are some others who gave the Internet a couple of giggles:

Photo: Facebook

Yasmin Jade Zurtti, 22, thought she had scored a deal when she found a couple of pillows on sale for just £10 (S$17.65) online.

Like any normal bargain hunter, the student went ahead with the purchase - only to be met with a rude shock after.

The pair of black pillows she bought to redecorate her bedroom turned out to be so miniature in size that the student thought they were a "wind-up", she told MailOnline.

In fact, they were tiny enough fit in the palm of her hand.

She told The Sun: "They looked like the real thing in the pictures."

There's also this man who wanted a new rug to cover a stain in his room. 

What about this woman whose mother bought deck chairs that were clearly the right fit for little people and not humans?

Did you think pets can't carry backpacks? Well, as it turns out, this online purchase fail proves that they probably can.

Ladies, please always check if you're getting the right size when you're shopping for clothes online. 

You might end up buying something a little too tiny for you, like this pair of leggings that could fit no one - except Barbie, perhaps? 

Tragic. Be careful the next time you hit 'checkout' online.


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