Woman handed wrong lottery ticket wins US$5 million anyway

PHOTO: Reuters

A wrong lottery ticket handed to a New Jersey woman turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Edgewater, New Jersey local Oksana Zaharov got the big bucks on Tuesday when she won US$5 million (S$6.6 million) from a lottery ticket that was mistakenly given to her.

This happened while she shopped in Manhattan and had originally asked the clerk for a $1 scratch-off ticket which was included in her shopping list, but was instead given a $10-value ticket.

She said she felt bad for the clerk for handing the wrong ticket, so she decided to buy it. "I actually used the ticket as a bookmark for a couple weeks before I decided to scratch it," Zaharov said.

"I never win anything. I was sure the ticket was fake. It wasn't until I brought it into the office that I knew it was for real," she added.

With her winnings, Zaharov said she plans to take her family to the Bahamas. She also plans to set aside some of the money for her children's future.

"They will have a loan-free college education," she said.

According to the New York Lottery, where Zaharov won, she has been the 88th woman with a win that exceeded the million dollar mark.


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