Woman strips for lethal booze game

A video is making the rounds on the Internet of a woman stripping to her underwear in a job placement centre in Britain, seemingly as an act of protest.

As it turns out, she did that as part of a NekNominate challenge, which involves friends nominating each other to take up a challenge and then taking a drink, usually alcoholic, before posting their exploits online.

In the clip, a young woman in a long coat walks into a job centre in the town of Stockton in the north-east, UK's Mail Online reported.

She removes her coat to reveal a black bra, pants, stockings, suspenders and trainers. While disrobing, she is heard railing against sanctions on her job seeker's allowance.

Britain's Mirror newspaper reported that with an unopened canned drink in one hand, she shouts: "I'm protesting against sanctions, people. I support (the) Labour (Party)."

A security guard appears and throws the coat over the woman before escorting her out of the premises.


Mentions British PM

She chants "Get (British Prime Minister) David Cameron out" as she is led away.

Outside the job centre, she opens the can and guzzles down its content.

The guard who escorted the woman out orders her and the person who was filming her stunt to move away from the job centre.

It is believed that her act was part of a challenge in which people drink large amounts - or unusual cocktails - of alcohol on camera, before nominating friends to do the same.

The videos are routinely shared between friends on Facebook and YouTube.

The risky craze has been blamed for the deaths of several participants, most recently salesman and keen rugby player Bradley Eames, 20, of England.

Early last month, he downed two pints of gin in just a few minutes. He died four days later, reported The Mirror.

In another case, a teenager in the English seaside resort town of Saltburn sparked a rescue effort after he posted that he was planning to jump into the sea as a NekNominate challenge.

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