World's deepest pool coming soon to Poland

A rendering of Deepspot.

Poland is about to set a new world record with Deepspot, which has been hailed as "the world's deepest pool".

Located in Mszczonow, 30 miles from Warsaw, the pool will be 45 meters deep and filled with 8,000 cubic m of water - which equates the volume of 27 average pools of 25 meters, CNN reported.

Deepspot will cater to various groups such as beginner divers to the more experienced and even people who are not swimming. The latter can view the divers in action without getting wet thanks to an underwater cave. The "blue hole" plunges down to the pools deepest point. Conference and training suites, as well as hotel rooms will surround the pool.

The current deepest pool in the world is Italy's Y-40 Deep Joy. The star attraction of Hotel Millepini is located at a Terme resort area close to Venice.

However, Deepspots time at the top will not last long as there are plans to build an even deeper pool in the United Kingdom in 2020. Located in Colchester, the Blue Abyss will be 50 m deep. John Vickers, managing director of Blue Abyss, said it would be "more than just a super-sized pool" and would include a "commercial astronaut training centre [...] and a human performance centre helping people reach the peak of their physical capabilities."