Would you eat a century egg that looks like this?

Stomp contributor Stanley suspects these eggs may not be quite what they seem, given their unusual colours.

A number of factories producing century eggs for domestic consumption as well as export were recently shut down in China, due to their use of industrial strength copper sulfate.

The chemical is used to artificially hasten the process of ripening the eggs. The finished product contains potentially harmful traces of heavy metals like copper however, which may be toxic in the long term.

Another recent food scandal involves the manufacture of artificial eggs using chemicals.

The Stomp contributor wrote:

"My wife bought four century eggs from a shop selling vegetables and fruits at Bedok Reservoir Road about a month ago.

"She peeled one this morning and this is how the egg looked like.

"We are sceptical that it is real; the shape, colour and size of the egg yolk look strange.

"We suspect that this is man made."

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